Why is 去年 last year and not 先年? Also, why is it 先日 and not 去日?

I’m assuming there’s a history behind it or maybe other reasons that I would love to know. So for 先輩たち who happens to know, please kindly help おねがいします :bowing_man:

The history is that Japanese had native words for most of these, but integrating with China, the Chinese characters that they used for these words were simply given Japanese readings. For example, 去年 used to have the reading こぞ.

Why does Chinese have this difference? Perhaps that’s just how the spoken language developed and the written one reflected it? I can’t really speak on this.

Unfortunately, even with historical information, I think you’re still just going to have to memorize these.


Resurrect?? I didn’t know that one went away

For example, there was an iOS 12 downgrading bug that caused devices to stop functioning properly after 2 weeks. It became known as the “fortnight” bug but it took explaining to people who only knew the identically-pronounced game Fortnite.

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Actually, I’ve been wondering where that name came from, so I finally got around to looking it up: the original concept of the game was building a fort in order to survive a night of onslaughts by monsters, thus fort-nite.

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