Why doesn't it display the actual amount of review items?

When I have a big stack of reviews and I’m not sure I’ll make it through them in one session but still want to make progress I use the “finish up” button quite a bit. That way it will definitely give me the corresponding pieces to actually finishing items and ticking them off the list. It’s a little annoying to be bumped back up to the main review page every ten items, but better than losing progress if it times out.

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I think displaying a larger number would be more demotivating. Look on the bright side; assuming there are some radicals in there, 1000 items doesn’t mean 2000 answers. Honestly may be considerably less.

Either way it sounds like you have quite a few stacked up! Just get to it. Make it a goal to do 100 at a time. Get down to 900. Then to 800…


Which reorder script? How will that help?

By the time I get home from work my mood is shot and I’m lucky if I’m able to make myself get through 50 reviews.

At least it doesn’t just say 42+ anymore like it used to :joy:


You can find a few different reorder scripts here, so you can pick whichever one you like best: The New And Improved List Of API and Third Party Apps

If you use a reorder script you can have Wanikani put the meaning and reading of a kanji together. This way you can set a number you want to do and then do that specific number of reviews and know you did not do only half for any kanji or vocab word.

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I understand the sentiment for sure.

How about… getting up a half hour earlier and squeezing some in? At lunch? While you’re on the can? Even if you whittle away another ~10 at a time here and there it adds up quickly.

Can you recommend one?

I have this one [Userscript]: Reorder Ultimate 2 [newest]

I do not use it often but it works well when I do.

I wanna thank you guys, I installed Reorder Ultimate 2 and I’m taking care of reviews so much faster now. I feel a lot less depressed about it.


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