Why does WaniKani have both 朝ごはん and 朝ご飯?

朝ごはん is a level 8 word, and 朝ご飯 is a level 17 word. IMO, this seems pretty redundant; why would you have the same word twice? I feel like 朝ごはん should be removed.


I can see what you’re saying, but while it’s the same word, there’s one important difference when seen from WaniKani’s purpose:

朝ごはん is meant to reinforce 朝
朝ご飯 is meant to reinforce 飯

That seems silly, but it boils down to something I’ve said before: Wanikani is not a vocab learning platform. Wanikani is a kanji learning platform that happens to offer vocabulary as a means to reinforce kanji.

It’s the reason you don’t learn more useful vocab first. It’s the reason the vocab you do learn isn’t always very widely used. And it’s the reason you have duplicates like this one where the only difference is whether you write a kanji or not.

I can see a case for removing it, sure, but calling it redundant IMO hints at a misunderstanding of what Wanikani is and does.


I know that WK is for learning kanji and not vocabulary, but this honestly seems like an oversight to me. 朝ご飯’s description doesn’t even mention that it’s a word you’ve already learned, which is a bit weird.

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Not mentioning that does seem like an oversight, definitely. That would without a doubt be the easiest way to explain the word.

It’s actually pretty weird, especially because the “asa” reading is the more common one anyway.

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I recently ran into a similar scenario:

Lv. 1: https://www.wanikani.com/vocabulary/ふじ山
Lv. 31: https://www.wanikani.com/vocabulary/富士山

Also doesn’t mention that you’ve already learned it, which I find strange.

Searching 朝ごはん on jisho returns the page for 朝ご飯 which also mentions 朝ごはん as an alternate form. This suggest both forms may be encountered in the wild. From this perspective learning both forms makes sense, especially if they reinforce different kanji like @yamitenshi mentioned.


You’re right, we need to add 朝御飯 as well.


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