Why do new levels start with radicals/kanji/and vocab?

Why do new levels start with everything instead of starting with radicals and then after you make those guru it gives you kanji? I don’t understand why I have new kanji to learn at the onset of a level because they should have come up when I finished all the radicals a few days prior.

Those kanji are unlocked right away since you already learned the radicals they use in previous levels.


The same thing works for vocab. If they use kanji you already know, you’ll have them in your lesson queue at the start of a new level.

This is also where the fast levels come in. If you have enough kanji unlocked at the start of a level to level up just on those, you don’t need to wait to learn the radicals before hitting a new level, so it’s possible to do them in half the normal time.

I think to phrase your question another way… “Why don’t we learn the radicals we need for level X in level X-1”?

Answer: No idea. There are a few things about WK I find sub-optimal and levelling is one of them.

That sounds like the opposite question to me. Besides, do you really need to level up every 3.5 days?

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