Why did I have 200 reviews all of a sudden?

I was on top of my reviews and was down to 0/0 in the morning.
When I wanted to do my usual review session in the evening, it suddenly blew up to 200.

I’ve done them and am now back to 29/0, but that was super tiring.
Any idea what caused the sudden burst?


Did you do a lot of lessons before going to bed the day before? The reviews for those would then all accumulate over night.

Do you know of the Review Forecast on the main page? If you look at it you can see how many reviews you will get at which hour.

It could have been a coincidence that multiple items got reviews at the same time but it’s unlikely. The only way you can get new review items is by doing lessons.

Are you using any scripts? I think we need a little more information to help effectively but I hope what I said was still useful :smile:

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They probably wanted to ambush you.


A bunch of your guru and higher level items probably came up for review at the same time. This happens a lot if you do all of your lessons as soon as they’re available, which is why a lot of people recommend finding a pace with your lessons that works for you. It’s pretty much inevitable at some point regardless of your pace, but doing lessons at a slower pace can keep it in check to an extent.

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It took me quite some time before I realized how the timing of the reviews work and since then I spread out doing my lessons instead of doing a lot of them within the same hour.

I still get peaks when I suddenly have to do my apprentice and guru reviews and then get a bunch of burn items on top of that, but spreading the lessons is the best way to avoid piles of reviews to do at once.

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I do two sessions every day. Morning and evening.

I didn’t pay attention to the Review Forecast, but looking at it now, I usually have around 100 in the morning and 100 in the evening. So, it’s very strange to have a huge jump all of a sudden.

Maybe just a coincidence then.

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