Why cant WK add userscripts to the main page?

Cant you somehow implement the best user scripts in to the main site and simply have a toggle option on them to select what you want or dont want to use?
Some of them are extremely helpful.

The reasoning, as far as I know is twofold.

One is, that each “integrated userscript” is another feature, that the wk team has to support from then on. Keeping the basic functionality lean helps making sure that what’s there works as well as it can. Even if some hiccoughs, like today happen, that’s just regular development.

The other reason, is that WK would like to make sure, that the one choosing to wield dangerous weapons is you and not them. The redo option for example is notoriously often abused. Not presenting this option at all probably feels like the better option to them, though take everything I say with a huge grain of salt.

Though, as mentioned quite a few times in the thread originally announcing the changes, drop the wk team an email, they’ll put that into the list of features that need discussing and if they see that it would fit the site, they’ll implement it.


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