Why can't I apply a discount on a lifetime subscription?

Hey there,
I wanted to buy a lifetime subscription while it’s 100$ cheaper AND use my 20% discount code. For some reason there’e no place I could write the code in. When I choose annual plan suddenly there apeears a box where I can insert it. Is it normal? What should I do?

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Send the team an email or chat with them when it is avaliable

So it’s not normal?

I wouldn’t say that for sure. It’s very possible that the discount code isn’t applicable to the lifetime subscription, which is already heavily discounted.

“Cannot be combined with other offers” is pretty standard as far as restrictions on coupon use go.

Inquire at hello@wanikani.com and see what they say.


Thank you very much! By now I have sent them a message via chat and if they do not respond in a day or so I’m gonna sent them an email

When you send them a chat during non-business hours (keep in mind their time zone, which is Oregon), it is automatically sent as an email to them, so I would just wait in general. They’re usually really good about getting back to people though.

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They have replied. Turns out it is as it shoul be and you just can’t use a discount code on a Lifetime

But now my card was declined ughhhhh

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