Why are there explanation phrases with new kanji that i may not be able to read?

For the explanation phrase, it may be good to have at least one phrase that uses only kanji that are supposed to be learned ( in the previous lessons) and therefore can be read.
I am not against having some unkown kanji in the phrase but in this case, you could add one more explanation simple phrase. I have the impression that 1/4 of phrases use not yet learned kanji.


I think this is a good idea.

[Edit] I’d like to highlight Koichi’s consistent humour to alleviate the tension that is created when the WaniKani team receive a suggestion.

There’s a mustache on the ground. Upon closer inspection, you see that the mustache on the ground is exactly the same as yours!

Pick up the mustache, hold it up next to your face in front of a mirror. It’s unbelievable, but it’s the same in every way, down to the last hair.

While this is already strange enough, you notice something stranger. Over a couple feet away is a doughnut who also has the same mustache as you (and the one that fell on the ground). The doughnut looks at you for a moment, then scampers off. This doughnut must be a mutant because normally doughnuts don’t move.

They’ve said before that they’re working on it.

I think at this point, they’ve added a second set of context sentences up to level 10 that are easier to read like this, using only kanji and jukugo that we should already know.

I’m hoping the rest of the levels are still in the works.

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I’m not complaining but if you’ll allow me to be picky for a moment, it would also be nice if a context sentences belonging to a level, used all the kanji you should know at this level. Often I ask myself: I know this kanji, so why is it “hiraganized”? If you suck at grammar, and know few words other than those WK taught you, then “hiraganization” just makes it worse. It just makes the sentence look like a pile of random syllables. Of course, i realize that utilizing all the kanji up to a certain level, but no more (and do that for all levels) is no easy task. That’s why I’m not complaining :slight_smile:

Better context sentences are something I’d very much like to see. Up until level 10 or 11, they are great - one quite manageable, one challenging. Since then… not so much, and I mostly skip them nowadays. Which is really a pity, I actually enjoyed translating them - so much that I made a userscript/style that hides the translation unless mouse-hovered.

Ah well, I guess コウイチ先生 enjoys seeing us suffer a bit. :confounded:

I hope they’re still working on them…