Why are spelling errors only allowed in English?

Why are spelling mistakes sometimes acceptable when giving the meaning in English but not in Japanese?

Perhaps it is because I am old that I make more mistakes than you youngsters (who grew up typing with your thumbs) but I often hit the wrong keys by mistake. That isn’t limited to just English as I make typing errors in Japanese too. WK forgives the former but punishes the latter.

Yes I could be more careful - at least in theory - but I already get up at 5:45 so I can fit in my reviews before work and so have to go quickly (and therefore make mistakes).

From the FAQ:

I’ve personally installed the Ignore Answer userscript – avoids a lot of heartache :stuck_out_tongue:


They also don’t want to penalize people for spelling variations that aren’t wrong but probably weren’t thought of off the bat by the American creators of the site.


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