Why are some similar phrases are shown together and some are not?

for example, 英和, 英語, 英文, 英国, 英会話 are all shown together for simpler memorization

whereas 卒業式 and 卒業する are shown separately even when they are unlocked at the same time

is this only me or does anyone else experience it as well?


would really appreciate any info on this subject

thanks in advance

As far as I know the lesson_position of each item determines the order in which the lessons appear. Here is a list of the three 卒業 items according to the API:

item lesson_position level
卒業 129 14
卒業式 122 16
卒業する 130 16

And here is the list for the items starting with 英:

item lesson_position level
32 15
英語 101 15
英会話 102 15
英文 103 15
英国 104 15
英和 105 15
英雄 125 29
英訳 141 32
英語圏 101 39

The 英-items are indeed all grouped, while 卒業式 and 卒業する are farther apart.

So no, it’s not only you.


Thank you Sinyaven-san,


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