Why am I so lazy

I haven’t done new listens very often, I used to do 25 per day but now i’m doing none. I’m burnt out


You are conserving energy because you are an apex predator


Chin up, it usually takes more than mere will to learn Japanese. Most people have a reason. Think about it and tackle those reviews


I hope you can try to do your reviews though! Keep chipping away.
Lessons can wait until you’re feeling more full of energy.
Better to keep ticking along a little bit and maybe spend other time doing something ‘nicer’ like listening to a favourite Japanese show (when you hear some vocabulary you know - that will cheer you up).
I couldn’t manage 25 lessons a day myself… too much new stuff to remember and too many circling leeches. Maybe cut yourself some slack for a while!
Don’t give up!

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25 lessons a day is a lot, it’d put you at the speed of the fastest speedrunners. going that fast is very hard, and it’s okay to go slower.

so keep doing your reviews, and when you feel like it start adding in lessons again.

頑張って!you can do it! ^^


Incidentally, the same feels hit me yesterday as well. I guess a burnout is no joke.

I’d like to think this is true, though.

But then I remembered I do have a reason so it’s great to always have a good reason I guess.

I consider learning Japanese as brain fitness, which implies doing it every day. So skipping feels kind of bad. 14 days on the same level makes me feel displeased with myself. It’s almost like going to a gym. I don’t go to a gym btw.

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Burning out is normal. (At least for me.)

Take this time to study in a different way, take a break, or whatever, and come back when you feel like it.

I took several month-long lesson breaks on the way to 60. Stay up on your reviews and just don’t do lessons for a while. Level 13 is already an accomplishment if you practice everything you’ve learned so far!

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