Why am I only getting 2 things per review every hour :L

Recently I haven’t been getting any big reviews it’s only been 2 items per review that I get every hour and sometimes every 3+ hours! why is this? :frowning:

When you finish a review it returns at a predetermined time based on its current SRS level.

If you do a large batch of reviews and get most of the items right, the correct items will level up together and come back after a longer period of time. The ones you got wrong will come back sooner, and obviously they’ll now be on a different timeline than the rest.

If I misunderstood you, and you meant that the exact same items are coming back every hour, then that’s something the staff would need to help with.


Exactly as it was said, I just wanted to add that it’s because you are only lvl 3 so far and have low amount of items unlocked. Just keep at it. You will be getting more reviews than you can handle pretty soon.


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