Who's that pokemon?


If you somehow guessed 曇 cloudy *, you’re correct.

*Edit: thank for the heads up x 2, I can’t even English lol.


That’s cloud, in your text. Cloudy is 曇


Maybe blur the answer out?

It’s the little gear — top right, Blur Spoiler. :blush:


You have no idea what you’re talking about. Thats a kanji, this is cloud


Well, now the text is consistent but to me the picture looks like 曇 lol

No that’s kuraudo


Alright, listen here u lil’ punk


I think we’re missing the forest for the trees now, i can only hope this character renders properly when tested.


No no no forest is 森 and trees is 木々 get with the program.


I’m not sure we’re out of the 林 yet.


it seems spoilers tags do not like Mobile, or parentheses.


But… but… 林 is a man-made forest.



that there is a 竹林 , to be precise


I don’t think that’s bamboo though, but I am be blind. :nerd_face:


maybe i am. only looked at in on my phone :slight_smile:


Is ittttt a cloud :cloud: