Who's actually bored of waiting to do reviews?

How’d your N1 test go? I totally forgot about it. That was Sunday, right?

Yes, I know. I’m one of those that makes sure to do that 1 review and put it in 0 again.

I’m turning into the dark side. Winter is coming. I don’t even know in which world I am.

Send help.

Yeah, it was Sunday. I got all the kanji questions right, but there are only 6 of them lol. I’d say it’s about 50/50 that I passed, since I was getting about 55% of the questions right on my practice tests. I just don’t have enough non-WK vocab to read quickly enough, I think.

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Interesting… we WK learners are a strange breed. We are strongly reliant on kanji, which I find to be pretty funny.


Yeah, and the amount of studying you have to do to confidently know you’ll get the 6 kanji questions correct at the N1 level is stupid haha.

They could have just as easily all been from level 52 and higher.

Are you ever going to take the JLPT?

I’m not. I’d have to go to Houston and there’s no way I’m driving through that hell again. Plus it’s a two and a half hour drive.

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I haven’t decided yet… I don’t really need the certification for anything.

WK is life. It teaches you to love Kanji. When I discovered that fireworks is basically a flower of fire… MIND BLOWN


But… test are fun


I live in a pretty big city in Japan now, so luckily I don’t have to go far, but taking the JLPT outside of Japan just seems so annoying because it’s not offered as often, and not in as many places.

I salute those who go the distance (figuratively and literally) to the take the test.

Even when I lived outside of Japan, I guess I lucked out by living in a city that had a testing site. I was actually closer in Boston to that testing site than I am now in Kobe to the one I went to on Sunday.


In my case, the place where they host the JLPT in Portugal is closer to me than my own University :smiley:

My closest location is LA. 6 hour drive.

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When I have the money, I’m going to get the lifetime membership so I don’t have to worry about it. It should only take a few weeks

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Way to one up me. I bet L.A. traffic would be as shit as Houston traffic too.

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