Who else is still recovering from the holiday?

I feel like for the past couple weeks I’ve been trying to find a rhythm again that feels good for me, both for grammar and for WaniKani. The weird thing is that I’ve still been okay at completing my reviews per day (usually) and I’ve leveled up at around my usual pacing… but I’ve had a few days with much, much bigger review piles at the end of the day, and there have been a couple brief days when I switched on ‘vacation mode’ for half a day just to give myself a breather.

  • I slowed down.
  • I didn’t slow down. I kept the same pace.
  • I didn’t slow down. I sped up!

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It’s been a month since I turned on vacation mode and I’m still not turning that off until I have regained my strength.

But I know the reviews are there.






Level 60, eh? When did you start the Final Level? cue The Final Countdown by Europe

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define start?

When did I become level 60 or when did I start the lessons on level 60?

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haha~ both. lol. (If you’ve started the lessons…)

Level 60 still seems so elusive to me, but it’s supposed to take a long time to complete it, right?

For the first one, last november 11

For the second one…

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Level 60 itself? Its just the normal amount of kanji so its more of the motivation to keep going once youre level 60. I just had a busy month but I’ll get back to it by next week or so


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You’re not my mom! I eat the whole apple


I didn’t slow down on my reviews spread over the various SRS platforms, but the last week or two of 2019, I did stop doing any and all lessons.

It felt… gross. :joy:

I guess I’ve set such a strict routine of Japanese self-study for so long that it feels really wrong not to be doing as much as possible.

Not saying that’s the right attitude to have, but it seems to be where I’m at right now. ^^


After doing solely reviews (and sometimes nothing at all) for the last 2 months of 2019, I got back into doing 5 lessons a day starting Tuesday. So far I’m doing great with it. I have 100 (guru) reviews coming up Saturday, but I feel lucky since Saturdays I usually have more time for that stuff. In the meantime, my apprentice level is nice and low, and I can focus on other areas of study more. Like grammar and vocabulary building. I also started watching some anime, for listening and relaxing. Plus I found some manga to read.

So, while I’ve recovered from the holidays, I also took a step back from the pace I had before the holidays. So far, so good :slight_smile:


I was sick for a few days leading up to New Year’s, so I slowed down quite a bit. Completely unrelated to the holidays, but my reviews have been seriously fluctuating since then. Should be back to steady reviews soon! :smiley:

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I’m still recovering from last year’s holiday


I completely stopped doing lessons and have been on my current level for over 20 days now, only just getting back into a routine.

I think we are all trying to recover from being born


The holidays and rampant colds going through the schools and work (and the dojo too!). I still have a stuffy head and ringing ears so it’s hard to concentrate on anything. I have been keeping up with my reviews but not my lessons. I have less than 100 apprentice items now but am still in the Kanji lessons for this level.

Doesn’t help that I got the lifetime sub - not is such a hurry to get done I guess. :frowning:

In anticipation of the holidays, I slowed down to 5 lessons per day and reviews to 0 before turning in for the night. This was a few days before my holiday week began.

Then during the actual holiday week that I was off work, I slowed to 3 lessons while maintaining 0 reviews at end of day. I went home to see family for a week but our off days did not line up perfectly so half the time during holiday I had a lot of time alone to do WK.

Slowly now going back to 10 reviews per day, if available, since last week while still going 0 reviews at end of day.

Interestingly enough my accuracy actually fell because of the holiday. Either because my routine was put off or because I kept getting things wrong because my mind was not into it :crazy_face: I am hoping it’s the former rather than the latter :sweat_smile:


Something very similar happened with me, at least it felt like it. As for the reason, it was both for me (including sickness) it was okay to have my mind not be into it while spending time with family (lots else going on) and then having the routine cause larger review piles.

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I had accuracy down to 60% some reviews even lower. I was actually getting quite frustrated. Talking to myself asking what is wrong with me. :disappointed:

Of course it doesn’t help going over the threads about hitting a wall, getting stuck, and all that! :laughing: Good thing I avoided the reset level threads :sweat_smile:

I am kinda back to my old accuracy of hovering around 80% or better. So I am quite glad to be over that holiday hump. Now I am back and chugging along nicely! :nerd_face::steam_locomotive:

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Oops… I chose the wrong one because I actually sped up.

My review pile is under 500 again.

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