Which script lets me move burnable items to the front?


Hey chaps,

I changed PC recently so reinstalled my WK extensions but, for the life of me, I cannot remember which extension allows you to shift burnable items right to the front of the queue.

Said extension/script had a small flame in the top right hand corner next to the numbers info during reviews. 

I have a HUGE backlog of vocab right now and although I’m killing it slowly, I know there’s a lot of burnable stuff padding out my reviews.


I currently have Alucardeck’s Review order script installed.




Thanks buddy!


Uh, either there’s something I’m not understanding or Wanikani Customizer doesn’t seem to work. I just hit level 6 so I won’t have any burnable items yet, but I have got ‘move current level radicals/kanji to the front of the queue’  for lessons and it always seems to be vocab.

Screenshot: http://puu.sh/cm8tB/fa35bbd419.png

Screenshot of WKC settings: http://puu.sh/cm8zV/1ac796d7d6.png

Am I not understanding something or doing something wrong here? :s I didn’t have much time so I was hoping to do the radicals first so they can be added to the SRS and that’ll let me tackle the vocab when I have time without slowing me down.

Sorry for the probably dumb question. :slight_smile: