Which lv is short?

From 1-60 which level is 3h?
There are some update and the info mentioned in the 368 wiki not correct
he say level 1-2 is short
I’m at level 2 and I think it’s long level (7h)
I think the best way to recognize if it is short is : It lets us learn ALL the kanji, not seperate batch 1 and batch 2.

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Levels 1 and 2 have a different time per SRS stage than the other levels, so they can be completed quickly.

This is different from the ones where you can guru 90% of the kanji in one batch.

I’m not sure what you mean by 3h or 7h though.

mean the shortest time I can pass a level according to the 368 day wiki

3 hours? And 7 hours? I’m sure you’re aware none of the levels are that short.

The short levels are about 3 and a half days, and the regular levels are a little less than 7 days. Is that what you mean?

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yess thats’ what I want to say

It is not.

Level 1 and 2 take less time than level 3.

After that, the fastest time is, as Leebo says, just under 7 days, except for the ‘fast levels’

If you’ve read jprspereira’s guide, you’ll have seen:
“The fast levels are 1, 2, 43-44, 46-47, 49-60.”


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