Which IOS WaniKani app should I use?

I like doing all of my reviews on my iPhone as opposed to the web interface. I used to use an app called AlliCrab, but that stopped working after a WaniKani API update. So, I switched to tsurukame and have been using that ever since.

However, I notice that the new material that was added to Wani Kani seems to not have synced with my tsurukame app. If I look at the web interface, I see new reviews and lessons, but on tsurukame I don’t see anything reflecting the new material.

Is anyone else using tsurukame and if so, are you having the same issue? Or is there another better IOS app for doing WK reviews and lessons?


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I’ve used and loved Tsurukame on IOS for as long as I’ve been on WK. They use an object based storage method, so new items won’t show up until an App Update, but I still think it’s the best IOS App for WK.

Honestly, if it was for my iPhone I wouldn’t do reviews at all.


Tsurukame scrapes and downloads all WaniKani content and bundles them into the application itself before it is released into the app store. It currently does not support live content updates. That being said, there is a new version of Tsurukame released 3 days ago and it does contain the latest content updates.

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Hmmm…are you sure? I’m not seeing an update available. When I browse to the app store and search for tsurukame, I just get an “open” button instead of an “install” button.


ETA: I see this on their website:

Version 1.21
Jun 27, 2020
Fixed a crash when trying to play audio while offline.

Added a skip button to skip a review.

Updated to the latest version of the WaniKani data.

Now I just need to figure out how to upgrade. Maybe I’ll just reinstall.

I published the update on June 27th but I had it on a slow rollout schedule so it didn’t go out to everybody at once.
You should still be able to install it by going straight to the app in the App Store though. If it still doesn’t work now you can install the TestFlight beta by going to https://testflight.apple.com/join/Fijye2AA


You need to go to the App store updates page to refresh it. Just browsing to the app doesn’t show the latest data necessarily. From the main menu click on the profile icon on the upper right corner. Then swipe downwards to refresh. The updates should be below.

I don’t know why they put the updates on the account page, it’s pretty unintuitive. iOS has made some pretty bad design decisions lately.

Thanks to both of you, but before reading your posts I just deleted and reinstalled the app and it works with the updates now.

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