Which Complete 10K anki deck do I have?

A strange question, I know. But a couple years back I was trying to find a few Anki decks to use and visited several forums including this one. I tried several 6K and 10K decks, but settled on this one that was sort of made to look like Wani Kani. I’ve stuck with that deck, but now no longer have any documentation and wanted to try and compare notes with other users of the deck.

Here are some details:

  • Looks similar to Wani Kani
  • The name of the deck in Anki is “Complete 10”
  • It is broken down into 01K, 02K, 03K, etc. decks, which are then broken down into Set01, Set02, Set03, etc. decks
  • It includes audio and sentences

Any idea which deck this is? And is anyone else using it?

FYI: Other SRS I am using are listed here:

  • My own Anki deck which I keep adding to. Kana to English and English to Kana cards only. No kanji.
  • The Anki deck listed above
  • Japan Regions and Prefectures Anki deck
  • A Jtest4you Anki deck (N5 grammar)
  • A Japanese Proper nouns Anki deck
  • The Mighty CrabGator!

Are you looking for this? https://community.wanikani.com/t/So-Much-Vocab/12050

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Yes, that’s it. Furiously reading that thread now. Thanks!

What is the different between 1k,2k,3k and Set01,Set02,Set03?

Should I study 1k first or Set01 first?

I am studying Kana vocab.

The deck is broken into subdecks called 01k, 02k, 03k, 04k…10k.

Then, each of these subdecks has subdecks called Set01, Set02, Set03…Set10.

The only exception is that the 10k deck only has Set01-Set06 subdecks.

I started completely from the start, and am just setting the options on the main “Complete 10K” deck that contains the two nested series of subdecks. I’ve probably been at it for a year or a year and a half. At first, I cranked up the new items to 50 a day, just to fill the queues, and then slowly cranked it down to where it is now at 10 new items a day. If I see something I know pretty well, I bump it pretty far into the future to try and keep my workload manageable. Currently, I am in Set03 of the 03k deck, and I have about 70 reviews a day.

Overall, the deck is pretty decent - lots of kanji, but it also includes hiragana vocabulary, katakana vocabulary (which I hate), onomatopoeia, and embedded grammar concepts. I think it is also a bit helpful for picking up colocations.

I hope this wasn’t too confusing and answered your question.


I am using Core 10k breakdown, with 7 - お負け Bonus::Kana. There is no further sub-decks, only Tags.

I’ll start first with 1k, which have around 200 cards in Kana section (instead of 1200 cards in total). I would probably ignore Set01,02,03,…

So, thank you for answer.

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