Where to watch/buy Japanese mainstream movies legally?

It very probably is. Canada at least is very serious about that. I don’t even know if we have Amazon video (it’s not something I’m interested in, personally). However, that is what VPNs are good for - as long as VPNs are legal in your country. (They are in mine!)

You are a mindreader - I just got 13 Assassins from the library!

I get most of my imports off of ebay

Well, they also sell DVDs. Do you know if there is any way to buy something from Amazon jp without a credit card?

Ha, I just recently got the kanji version on a test, and I assumed that I’d been writing it wrong. Guess my 先生 was trying to trip us up…

In the US, you can do this through gift cards. Make an account, register the card. I would think this would work? I know that you can buy Itunes Japan gift cards online, maybe someone is selling Amazon cards?


I’ve been ordering through cdJapan for almost 3 years now. I linked to the Your Name dvd, bluray also available of course. Prices are generally high and there’s almost never English subs. Shipping and service are good with this retailer.
I guess you’re familiar with Third Window Films, available through Amazon.co.uk. They have a solid selection of Japanese (and Korean) films. They also started to produce films. The films aren’t so much “award-winning” as they are popular with Japanese / Asian filmfestivals, which I find even more interesting. :nerd_face::film_strip:

Like Chiakisama mentioned, you could probably get a gift card (has to be a Japanese gift card though, they are country specific). Otherwise I think that and credit cards are the only payment options.

I’m not sure of the legality of VPNs to be honest, I know a lot of people use them, but I think they’re not legal. Either way most sites offering VPNs in an easy way seem to be rather shady, and I don’t want viruses on my computer so I stay away.

I haven’t heard of either of these, thanks! By award-winning, I meant “good” - there has to be something between My Little Lover on Netflix (horrible) and teen slasher movies :slight_smile:

You are brilliant -there IS a film festival here, thanks!

Are you talking about FUJITV live?I just found the app a few days ago, the registration has 1 days of free viewing rights, screen clearly not cotton,it is a great Japanese live app, Mid-Autumn Festival is coming,I don’t know if there’s any preferential activity.

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