Where should I go to practice the vocab I'm learning now?

I’ve scanned over some posts that discussed where people could find some resources that could aid in learning Japanese sentence structure, grammar, etc. I’ve just started WaniKani recently, and I was wondering if people could share some resources that they use to practice their grammar and sentence structure?


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Workbook companions to textbooks.

I am going through Genki right now and it’s great for learning grammar and practising your use of Japanese. I also try to write a bit in the “Only Japanese” forum here.

Reading it’s a great way to practice putting new vocab and grammar into use. It will stick much better after you see it used lots of times :+1:

These are terrific graded readers series. I would recommend either (or even both) as to start reading japanese as early as possible. 300 words vocab and after halfway Genki I or similar grammar resource you should able to start. :+1::+1:


Have you tried using any resources besides Wanikani yet?

If you are working through resources that don’t have exercises, and you want someone to check your writing for free, there’s Hellotalk and italki.

I use Anki, but it’s not popular anymore. :sob:


Was it more popular before? I guess fewer people had tried it so there were fewer opponents too. And there were not a lot of alternatives before. But all in all, people are still using it, aren’t they?

I do competely understand why one would hesitate to get into it and I didn’t want to either at first. But imo all the other resources let you get only so far. Only Anki allowed me to be as flexible as I wanted to be. I think everyone who is learning Japanese should give it a try for at least a month before they decide they hate it because it is worth it in the long run. But I definitely wish it was more approachable for beginners and people who are not software developers.

Maybe one day I’ll write a „what I did to love Anki“ post somewhere. It can be soo helpful but out of the box it is quite… meh. I don’t even want to imagine what studying Japanese must have been like without WaniKani and Anki.


And to be more on topic: I use Anki with a mix of premade and my own decks, Graded Readers, Satori Reader and recently I got a Netflix subscription to watch more Japanese shows. I enjoy all of those.

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How made you look anki so… good?

My flashcards look like

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I just messed with it until I got the result I wanted.

Here is a Template of my current setup if you want to try it.

[Template Perfect Form - maybe]


These are absolutely great!!!
Thanks a lot, it will get very handy.

Thank you very much for sharing. I do feel that your Anki flashcard looks stunning :):grinning:

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