Where is "SCENT"

Hi,’ hardworking Wanikanites,

I cannot find, “SCENT”, “THROAT” or “STRIKE” in the Kanji Grid for Level 32, I have finished the lessons for them but don"t know where to find them. Would you please tell me where I can find them.

Is there any way I can find missing Kanji myself as this seems to be happening a lot?

Is there an alphabetical list or something, with which level the kanji is located now?

Many thanks for your attention to this problem,


That’s because they’re not in level 32. Those were kanji added in a content update the other week. They’re actually from previous levels. You saw them because you were already past the levels they got added to. 匂 is level 30, 喉 and 叩 are level 18.


You started another thread about this yesterday. Did you read any of the responses there? Do you read responses in this thread?


Sure, yes I do Plantron, and thanks for your reply I could not find " SCENT".
I wanted to know is there any way I could find them myself. I don’t want to annoy other people.
I thought they must be getting them from a central list somewhere that I don’t know about.
If there is some way I could find them myself I would be most grateful.
Thanking you, Pamelar

Have you tried inputting „scent“ in the search bar? Works fine and now I know that it is a level 30 kanji.


As mentioned by me and @pahko, “scent” is in level 18, so you have to go to the level 18 page to find it, not in level 32.

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