Where do you go to actually SPEAK Japanese? (paid or free)

Since you’re not looking for Lessons, you can try the weekly Shiritori game that the Japanese friends I’ve met in Second Life’s Cypris Japan organise a Japanese x English Language Exchange every Friday. It starts at 10.30pm JST (5:30am PST / 6:30am PDT). The Japanese natives there are always happy meeting people who wants to speak Japanese and in turn, they will gain more understanding of English. Below is a snapshot of one of their weekly Shiritori sessions.

It’s at the same place where I’m learning Japanese every Saturday for free. So don’t be shy to drop by on Saturdays to see how it’s like there too. Unlike the Fridays Shiritori event, we mostly speak in Japanese during lessons because Yoshi Sensei couldn’t speak or understand English that well. But the owner of the place, Mystie-san, is a Japanese native who has superb English, so she’s usually the observer to translate for us when we’re stuck with the lessons from time to time.

Other than that, there are tons of Japanese owned places in Second Life that operate on different days (not all have Voice chat enabled though) but since my Japanese is still basic, I haven’t done the deep dive to crash their events yet. Perhaps someday I’ll work up some courage to do so :grin: