Where do these lessons come from?

Hi everyone,

I’m at the end of level 20 at the moment. As I dind’t have that much time in the past weeks I let my review pile get up a bit and am now working towards getting my apprentice items below 100 again. While I’m at this I’m not doing any lessons, but I was curious what the Crabigator has in store for me once I start doing them again.

It says I have 75 lessons available.

So I peeked into these lessons and they all seem to be vocabulary:

BUT when I looked through the past individual levels I should only have 20 lessons available…

In every level I cleared all radicals, kanji and vocabulary with the exception of
level 05 - 122/123 vocab (bread loaf counter… :woman_shrugging:)
level 07 - 103/105 vocab (one + two loaf of bread :sweat_smile:)
level 20 - 97/114 vocab (which is fine since I stopped doing new lessons)

Where do the other 55 lessons come from? I’m a bit confused right now.
I think this has happened before, but I simply wasn’t paying attention to it.

At the moment I have completed 100% of the radicals and 84% of kanji, so I haven’t unlocked anything from level 21.


have you looked at your https://www.wkstats.com:10001/login page?

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Well, when two durtles really love each other…


You’re saying there weren’t kanji going from Apprentice to Guru recently?


Unfortunately the site doesn’t open :pensive:

No, I still have Kanji in Apprentice and when I get them right, they go into Guru.

Therefore if I had less than 20 lessons available, I would understand because that should be the vocab connected to the Kanji I still can’t get right. But to have more than that?

I’m curious.

I’m not sure I understand. Why would there be lessons for vocab of kanji you haven’t guru’d.

What you have in apprentice right now doesn’t really mean anything, since the items already triggered lessons, so they would be guru. How many kanji have you guru’d recently? That’s where a vocab lesson comes from. When you guru a kanji.

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That’s what I was thinking.
Okay, let me explain a bit:
As I’m one of us few “slow goers” I always have vocab lessons from my last level when I level up. I don’t do lessons as soon as they become available. So when I get to level 21 now, I will still have to go through some vocab from level 20 before getting the first radical lessons from level 21.

When I look on the page for level 20 it looks like this:

I understand I did all radicals and Kanji (some still in Apprentice) and 97 of 114 vocab.
That should leave me with 17 vocab lessons I didn’t do until now.

Plus three vocab items from level 5 and 7 (I really get that Kanji mixed up quite a lot :rofl:)

That’s why I thought I could have a maximum of 20 lessons left now while I’m still level 20.
Because I didn’t guru every Kanji until now, I would understand if it was less than 20 lessons (because vocab didn’t unlock yet).

So why do I have 75 lessons available? And all are vocab? :thinking:

Edit: Or is it that the little green number only shows unlocked items? Not what I already did in my lessons?

Doesn’t this number come from items unlocked/total and not items learned/total?

Just thought about that :sweat_smile:

Can anyone confirm?
Am I just a bit confused right now?

I think this wasn’t the case 1 year ago or so (they were going for learned/total instead), but now it’s unlocked/total. I’m… pretty much sure? :sweat_smile: Check if the vocab not unlocked uses kanji you have yet to learn/guru :slight_smile:

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Taking a closer look on the vocab list for level 20 did the trick: the little green number means unlocked items, not learned items.
There is vocab that I didn’t do in a lesson until now.

And I thought I had come up to level 20 without realizing that :sweat_smile:
Okay, so this was changed.

Thanks for your kind help! I feel a bit dumb now :grimacing:

Still so much vocab to go… :no_mouth:

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That’s one of my biggest annoyances ATM that I can’t see the learned items from the site.

I recommend this script for it: [Userscript] Dashboard Level Progress Detail. update to broken script


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