Where can I study reading and listening?

Aight, I’m level 6 and am slowly reading kanji and recognizing it on different sites. However, I want to discover new sights that are perfect for Japanese beginners. Also, what level on Wanikani would it take to comfortably read through? First time on the community, go easy on me… c:

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How’s your grammar? All the kanji in the world is not going to be of any use if you can’t figure out the stuff between them. I think the usual recommendation is to start with a grammar textbook around level 11? By 20 or so reading manga is a bit easier, but again, if your grammar isn’t great it is gonna be hard.

I like NHK News Web Easy, but it was very difficult at first.

Satori Reader can connect to WK and not give furigana on words you should know, which is good practice.

Take a peek at the Beginner Book Club over in the reading section.


I like the Nihongo con Teppei podcast for listening practice


Another vote here from me for Teppei’s beginner podcast.
Also, anytime you can do some passive listening helps. I listen to talk radio when I go for walks. You won’t understand much but I really recommend it.



Welcome to the community! ^>^

You might find something that inspires you over in the listening comprehension thread!

(though there are several other threads on the forums where people also discuss what they like to listen to). Check them out! :slight_smile:

That being said, depending on how much exposure you’ve had to Japanese before you started using WK, and seeing as you’re lv 6, listening practice might be a bit too hard.

More than grammar, for listening comprehension you’ll need to know quite a bit of vocabulary to keep up with the dialogue. Especially if it’s in a radio show, podcast, normal talk-speed format.

You can give it a try, but don’t feel deflated if you can’t keep up.

Instead you might wanna try something simpler. Or just watch anime, jp-dramas, movies, etc with subtitles while concentrating more on listening actively.

Once you feel like the subtitles really are there only for you to check if you got it right from listening, then you might wanna retry what you tried listening to before and you’ll likely have a much easier time with it (while still requiring focus and patience to parse of course).

That is a good time to start listening practice for real. It’s not going to be easy. It requires a lot of exposure to parse spoken words. So, listen, listen, and listen even more, is how you’ll get there. You can do it. Just find something you enjoy listening to and have fun with it. ^>^

Good luck!


If you are a complete beginner, I can recommend free Tadoku graded readers. Most of them have audio, too :wink:


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