Where can I see learned Kanji?

I am trying to find a list of what kanji’s I’ve learned. After They’re moved from Critical condition items and New unlocks in the lat 30 days I can’t see them anywhere. “Burned items” has a big checkmark on it and doesn’t show me anything.

Is there any way to find a list of them where I can look at each individual kanji?

If you go to wkstats.com at the top left corner click items it will show you the burned items in a orange box

It says I need a key.

It should be available in your menu under API tokens.

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To get your key go to your Wanikani dashboard, click on your profile picture, go to API tokens and at the bottom you will see API Version 1 Key. Just copy and paste that code into the bar provided on the website

NVM I found the list under Vocabulary at the top of the webpage lmao, sorry.

Thanks though. :slight_smile:


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