When you use only IOS app and then visit the site

Hey,have anyone something alike?How about we send each other our achivments?


How does that even happen :thinking:

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I guess it checks if True/False and then updates the counter at the database,which then shows it at official website till the first view or something like that.

I had no idea! Here’s mine, which includes my first burns :wink:

If you’re on mobile, tap the image to view the whole thing.

EDIT: No, I didn’t do all 1897 reviews in one session - let me get back to my ~100 reviews. :wink:


I thought for a moment someone had beaten my record of most (as far as I know) reviews in a day, in a single review session.

My 1250 reviews is safe for now…


Wait, hasn’t the iOS app been dead for like a month?

AlliCrab is still OK for now, and there’s nothing wrong with Tsurukame (except reviewing offline :angry: doesn’t affect reviews until you’re back online)

I wonder if the WK API actually supports updates like “this item was correct on 2019/10/20 13:50” or you can only update items and it logs the current time. If it is the latter then the app can’t do much about it.


Oh, so any app behaves like that, not just the (dead) official app?

The official ios app has been nuked? :open_mouth:

Yes. As far as I understand, they ran into a bug that required a major rewrite, so they just shelved the project for now.
That being said, they tried to hire someone to work on that project. I don’t know what happened with that.

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Yes - basically the ones that aren’t a web wrapper like Tsurukame. Ones that are like AlliCrab, uh, you already visited the official website when you did your reviews

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