When you reach Lvl60..?


Reaching level 60 grants you the most wonderful reward of all - more reviews.


I’m gonna print this tee shirt myself when I’m 60


You know, I’ve thought about doing that too, but I would like it if it was official because anybody could just print it out. I really hope it comes out, however, I kind of wonder how much it would cost. They would have to ask you about your size too. We’ll just see. I’m still Level 9. A year is probably enough time for them to plan this out, however, when I hit Level 60, I will be proud and happy. Having a shirt to show other people could just be showing your ego. xD Your main prize of hitting Level 60 is that you have learned (almost everything) in WaniKani (you still have to burn items and retain them in your head).


I hear you get this t-shirt

along with the Golden Shellback sticker under your username showing level 60

Apologies to anyone who has actually earned a golden shellback


how about levels 61-70?


PLEASE–Black T-shirt! BLACK BLACK Black!~


Two words: King of the Turtles




Cake is never a lie :frowning:


The reality is too cruel to accept, I know. :disappointed_relieved:


It cannot be reality :scream: then what am I trying to get to level 60 for


Maybe we should do a community fund raiser in order to buy every person who reaches level 60 a cake? :thinking:

That way the cake would be…reality! :partying_face:

That could actually be possible IMO.


This would probably work, but how to get the cake to the people


There’s no cake. I got stickers but only because I emailed asking for them after seeing that level 3 people got stickers. They also wrote me a nice postcard, but again, I think only because I asked about it… I appreciated it though


The cake is not a lie. Sorry folks, this link is for level 60s only.


You know, I’ve thought about this and wondered, why don’t they send you a diploma when you reach level 60? Maybe it wouldn’t be an official diploma, but it sure would look nice and something to be proud about.


I’m bookmarking this.


I think black printing on a gold T-shirt would make more sense than white on gold… @viet… But since @TofuguKanae is managing it… Well I’ve told you both now. ^^;

As I said in another thread, why spell out KANJI instead of 漢字? (and keep the rest English. Buahaha.)

EDIT: Nevermind~~~ …


Better ask Aya if it’s okay - it’s her design. (I think?)


We’ll see how it goes when I’m 60 and it’s not tomorrow