When you already know the meaning of the kanji/vocab, do you still bother memorising the story behind it?

For example, I already knew what 温かい means. I also know the kanji. Should I still bother memorizing the meaning/reading mnemonic?

No, not necessary. It’s also okay to forget mnemonics once you don’t need them anymore.


ありがとう Saida san. I had this concern. There are many Kanji that are later utilized as building blocks of another Kanji. At that time, Wanikani will refer to the mnemonics of the earlier Kanji. And if I don’t remember it, it gets difficult to track back.

Vocab are different from kanji in that sense, though. They aren’t building for anything. And later you can always go back to the other page and read the mnemonic there.

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Like @Saida mentioned there is always the possibility of searching for a kanji later on and check the info when needed. I came into WaniKani with quite a bit of vocab from my previous studies, so there were a lot of cases when I could speed through lessons for both kanji and vocab.

The only problem I’ve encountered so far has to do with interference (confusing something you’ve learned for another learned item). This can happen to any item, including those I’ve known from before WK, because later learned items might resemble them somehow.

Thing is, I’m not sure I would have remembered the mnemonics several levels later regardless. Meaning, for those cases when I start confusing two items, I’ll have to check things out and try to memorize their visual differences in comparison to each other. And while I’m at it, I can refresh my memory of the mnemonics so there is no big loss if this is the first time I’m reading them.

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When Is it time for you to not need them? Or How do you know when you dont.

When you can recall a reading or meaning straight away, without first going through its mnemonic in your head.


Oh okay, Thank you.

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