When to confirm your burns? Burned Pop Quizzing?

I’ve already rezzed a couple of burned items just to be sure I have them (will eventually go back and rez all my burned transitive/intransitive verbs at some point as well), but I was wondering if anyone has any useful ideas about when to go over burns and decide on rezzing? I want to keep my forward momentum but I also feel like I should confirm burns once in a while just incase I’m not encountering everything in the wild frequently enough.

On a related note, I feel like it would be cool to have “burned item pop quizzes” (optionally) every once in a while during a regular review it could pop up saying “want to take a ten item burned pop quiz?”… if the person gets something wrong the option to “resurrect this item?” appears and you can choose to rez or not based on the pop quiz.

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Have a look at this script


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