When should we do new lessons?

At least for me, I feel quite hard to learn new items if I have 150+ items in apprentice level. I keep failing several times on the same items, and if they leveled up, suddenly got back to apprentice level. Then, I rather avoid doing new lessons, and I try to “kill” those weak items.

How you guys manage it? What items you most get confused with?

Glad to hear you!


When you get them, and have time.

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A lot of people do lessons until they have some set amount in the apprentice level, like 100 for example.

I just do about 20-30 lessons daily no matter what and it works for me.


There is some logic to waiting on new lessons until your number of apprentice items is low again.

Some might recommend also slowing levelling a little if you’re not getting enough time to do your lessons even at 20 or so a day. It’s a marathon, not a sprint and take it from somebody that skipped vocab for a while and ended up with 700 lessons; those vocab lessons reinforce kanji learning so don’t skip them, hehe

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I usually try to do the lessons as they come and then gradually get through the items in the review queue. The benefit is that you repeat the items so with each cycle you learn a portion of them, which the whole SRS method is all about. The downside is, WK counts the ratio of times you answered correctly on your first try, so if you rack up a ton of wrong answers, it takes longer to bring it back later on.

The Vocal usually goes pretty fast, since you already know the signs, I find the Kanji to be most time consuming.

I’m actually curious about this, maybe someone who understands the system a bit better can answer this. What happens if I fail the item 20 times in a row and then I get it right another 20 times in a row. Does that put me at 50%, 75%, or does the WK also include the longest streak in some way (it’s counted on each item page).

Edit: I usually stay at 100+ in apprentice, don’t really see the point of waiting until I learn every single junkword, when I could be learning 20 new words during that time.

Edit: Getting a proper phone app definitely helped me get through my backlog, since I can have a bite at it whenever I have a free moment while in a bus, waiting in line, in the place of contemplation or wherever.

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*nervous laughter*
that’s low for me since I started aiming for 0/0 again, last week my apprentice count was at 180 or so :laughing:

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I always like to imagine myself a cautionary tale rather than an example…
image image

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Two criteria that I take into consideration:

  1. How much time do I have? My daily average is 20 lessons.
  2. Is my Apprentice count around 100? If the count is low (say 60, for example) and I have time on my hands, I’ll do more lessons.

150 Apprentice is too much for me as a working adult in a stressful job.


After I basically started out doing new lessons whenever, I basically settled down with doing up to 20 lessons in the morning (unless radicals are included, in which case they have a little less weight) and cap out at around 100 in the apprentice tier. Not sure how this’ll work out once I get a proper job, but I feel like it’s a pace I can more or less manage. For pesky leeches that won’t go away I’d suggest this script:

It’s not the pace that’ll let you be as fast as possible, but I’d say I got to a nice middle ground that’ll let me get to 60 at a reasonable pace

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Found this in a post from another day:

Unlocked puts it in your lessons.

Complete the lesson to get it to Apprentice 1.

Complete the review four times to Guru 1

Unlock, Lesson, Apprentice 1 or A1.
A1, correct review, A2
A2, correct review, A3
A3, correct review, A4
A4, correct review, Guru 1.

A1, incorrect review, A1, see in four hours.
A2, incorrect review, A1, see in four hours.
A3, incorrect review, A2, see in eight hours.
A4, incorrect review, A3, see in one day.
Guru 1, incorrect review, A3, see in one day.
Guru 2, incorrect review, A4, see in two days.
Master, incorrect review, Guru 1, see in one week.
Enlightened, incorrect review, Guru 2, see in two weeks.

I guess it doesn’t matter how many wrong answers you get, all you need to burn is 10 correct in a row.

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I try to keep my Apprentice count around 100. and I’ll let it go up to 120-130 if I’m starting a new level.

I do 20 lessons per day unless my Apprentice count is high or I need to clear out a backlog of vocab items.

Since everything in Apprentice is coming around over the next two days, adding more just increases the number of daily review items you have to get through.

Following the above, I usually only have around 150 review items per day more or less and that’s a manageable load for me with an average of about 10 days per level.

Think about it this way: the number of Master and Enlightened items you have coming up for review today were determined months ago. So you can’t really control that. But what you can control is the load for today by the number of lessons you did yesterday.

If you need help managing your lesson habits there is this script which locks lessons when you have too much on your plate already

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I do 5 new lessons and all my reviews every day. My apprentice count stays around 50-60. I work full time and also have Anki decks, Bunpro, reading, tutor, etc… so I can’t go as fast as others without being overwhelmed.

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My method looks like this:
I usually do my lessons at 8AM and 7PM
Right after leveling up my first lesson is radicals only
Then I do around 5-6 kanji for each lesson batch and 5-10 vocabulary. This way I’m done with kanji lessons before unlocking kanji that use radicals.
When I unlock rest of the kanji I do lesson for them only and until end of the level I’m doing my vocabulary lessons of 5-15 depending on my mood/how many vocab is left.

This is how my leveling speed looks like. I know my method is really fast, but I think the key is doing everything regularly.


Wow, so fast!

But, a noob question (sorry): How do you choose between doing only kanji or only vocabulary lessons? My lessons only show the items already pre-selected by SRS WaniKani programming. ちょっと助けてくれない? :pray:

There’s a userscript > Lesson Filter Script < that allows you to choose which lessons you want to do. So if you want to do radicals and kanji first and vocab later you can. It’s especially useful when you level up to be able to do the radicals right away, imo.

As for when I personally do lessons, I usually do the first batch of radicals as soon as I level up, and then do 10 lessons every morning at 9am and 10 lessons every evening at 5pm (so I can review them all together at 9pm). I don’t follow this strictly because some days I’m more motivated than others, but since starting this system I’ve been able to maintain a nice pace.


One thing you should watch out for when using a lesson reorder script: you may be tempted to do all the radical and kanji lessons first (since they are what is required for a level up) and put off vocab lessons for later. This however can quickly spiral out of control when this later never comes and you start leveling up without doing any of your vocab lessons. This can lead to hundreds of leftover vocab lessons and having a harder time remembering kanji since you aren’t reinforcing them with vocab.

You are already level 22 so you are most likely aware how important vocab is, but if any new users are reading it is important to keep that in mind.


^ This

Allow me to be a cautionary tale of using the reorder script to get your kanji before your grammar
image <- that was 670 lessons last week :tired_face:

Recovering from Reorder Script Abuse takes time, so use your scripts sensibly.


This happened to me as well. I leveled up three times in a row (it’s just three levels, right?) without getting through all my vocabulary lessons first. Suddenly, I had a pile of 395 lessons and was still doing 50-80 reviews daily. It took me about 80 days to dig out of this hole and get to 0/0. Back on track now, but I intend to save that last kanji until I zero out my vocab each level moving forward to avoid this.


Exactly that, haha. I’ve been doing 50 lessons a day, so should be back down to 0 within a week and a half, but I’ll be sitting on 13 until they’re all done, haha. I’ve been at this for nearly two years, what’s another week.

I feel telling myself it’s a mountain climb, not a sprint.

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