When reviews pile up and marital harmony

I’m traveling overseas and as the plane did not have wifi, reviews piled up a little bit, nothing scary yet, just 180. When reviews pile up:

  1. If all do it all in one go, this will increase the likelihood of reviews with a large number of items in the future as well, right?

  2. Are items quizzed in the order they arrive in the review pile? Or WK just randomizes all items in the review pile?

  3. Any suggestions of how to handle a spouse that wants you to go on vacation mode because you are on an actual vacation? For me, real life vacation = yay! more time for studying Japanese!

  1. It depends on the level of the items. If they’re 180 Apprentice items all learned at the same time they’ll all return in a group, but if there’s a mix of Guru, Master, etc. they’ll continue along their regular schedule and won’t necessarily return in a big pile. Some will return in a week, some in a month, etc.

  2. It’s all randomized together in one big pile.

  3. Have your spouse do your reviews. :ok_hand:


If somebody find a good solution for this one… please tag me!


I came here for the marital harmony. Where is it?

How much is your spouse involved with your Japanese studies? Maybe instead of going on vacation mode, agree on doing a set number of things daily or have a set amount of time (this may be better for your spouse to wrap their head around). Also, if you can wake up earlier, do it while they’re still asleep so that it doesn’t interfere with their quality time with you.


I kind of do this everyday… but I’m getting more and more reviews… :stuck_out_tongue:

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Never sleep again


decide on a set time during the day where you can do your reviews (morning, like you already have been doing, and maybe late afternoon, before dinner or something).

or take long bathroom breaks (pretend you got food poisoning?) :wink:


my wife married me - she didn’t enslave me. the same way she has her freedom and time for herself, she gives me my alone-time. nothing else would work with a “hobby” like studying a language.

my actual case is different though. i’m in japan, my wife is japanese and she’s supportive.


It sounds like your spouse is just really looking forward to quality spending time with you. As long as you keep that in mind and communicate thoughtfully, I think you can get to any situation you’d like.


This is what I don’t get about polygamists. It’s difficult enough to find time to do WK reviews when you’re single; when you have multiple wives, how do you even learn kanji?


I lock her up in the cellar, sometimes I forget to unlock until it’s dinner time but at least she had time to take out the ingredients from the cupboard lol


Thanks y’all for the insights. I decided to spread my lessons and wait more time to level up. I have time alone but not as before since we do not have a baby sitter here. But I’m not complaining, I would always prefer the Brazilian summer to the USA winter. :slight_smile:

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