When is best to start my subscription?

I have reached level 3 two days ago. Obviously it takes a little while to reach the level 4 (even when all my reviews are 90%+).

I have decided to continue using Wanikani, but I don’t want to waste my last few days of free trial.

Should I wait until 90% of my items are in Guru (that’s when the next level unlocks, right?), or should I subscribe now in order to progress properly?

If you’re going to do monthly wait and subscribe when you hit level 4.

If you’re going to do lifetime it doesn’t really matter.


Thanks! Planning to do it monthly, so I’ll wait

After doing monthly and you find you really love it and want to keep it up, look for year-end discounts from WK for the lifetime subscription.

If you don’t have a credit-card, you might want to start paying before hitting level 4. Wanikani accepts Paypal, but you have to go through customer service and the whole process will probably take a couple days. Wouldn’t want to be unable to do lessons in that time.

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