When does Tae Kim reach N5?

I’ve been doing Tae Kim’s guide to Japanese for a bit and am wondering if/when it reaches about N5 grammar, if anyone knows?

It’s not really set up that way. For example, でしょう and だろう isn’t even covered until 5.5 which is around midway through the second to last chapter.


Ok, thank you! By the end of the Complete Guide, I should know most of N5 grammar and a bit more though, right?

Yeah it covers even up to some N2 stuff, but it’s not going to be completely comprehensive. You’re going to have to jump around to try to cover N5.


Man I haven’t touched is grammer guide in months and I needed to get deshou down so this is good

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I completely misunderstood the title and thought you meant ‘when will Tae Kim pass N5’. Anyway, others have already answered your question, but because of this I remembered I have a paper version of Tae Kim’s guide somewhere, I should go through it


You’ll be at like low-mid N3 level depending on how much material you actually remember.

But yeah, it’s a real hodgepodge of grammar points. There are some grammar guides dedicated to teaching according to JLPT level like Kanzen Master but they’re kind of overkill until you get to the intermediate level


When does Tae Kim reach N5?

I think he already has N1.


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