When at Level 37

This is my first post here…I was at Level 37 when I went on Vacation mode (for almost 8 months); in this time I changed 7 jobs and 2 houses, and I actually felt that I was wasting my time on learning Japanese (This would be my 4th language to master) …
Sometimes I really felt a sense of dread at all the Reviews that I have…I am now missing them and wondering what on earth is wrong with me…I have discovered that learning Japanese became a hobby, rather than a “to-do, or must” and I actually feel better about it, and am curious to discover it in my own time, with no other pressure.

P.S. I still love Wanikani, this is just a post to encourage other people that feel the same as I do :slight_smile:


Welcome back! Sounds like you’ve got a really great attitude to learning Japanese going on - less pressure can be really nice!