What's your worst leech?

I think I posted this here too. It’s foolishness. Japan needs to change this ASAP.

The sugar sculpture (飴細工) is haunting me. It keeps jumping between guru1 and master or enlighted. When it comes back after 1 month or 2, I always either forget the rendakued 細 or the reading of 工 (which for once is NOT こう).

I wonder how often sugar sculptures occur in Japanese texts?

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The annoying one for me right now is 年中. Not only do I always confuse the meaning (I keep thinking it’s “within a year”), but the rendaku also gets me without fail. It’s a one-two punch


I can do the meaning on it just fine, but the rendaku’s tripped me up a couple of times.

Anyway, I’mma submit 着 because you gotta keep three different readings in mind and the one they teach you with the kanji feels like it barely ever comes up.


And then BOOM! they hit you with 執着 at level 37, which is a also noteworthy for 執 only using the しゅう reading in that one word (on WK). :joy:

Top 13

I think 実際 and 人性 are my most hated ones.

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Is that Human Nature or Humanity? I think Human Nature, but I wouldn’t bet on it :joy:

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Maybe it’s Human Instinct?
Who knows ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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民 and 氏. I know the vocab for them, no problem. But when I get quizzed on the radicals or Kanji, I always mix them up. I have a 50/50 chance right? I guess, but my batting average is 0.

Oh, and any word that may or may not have a 'う’ in it somewhere. Unless I create a mnemonic that emphasizes the 'う’ I may or may not get it the first time.


I just brought 正直 from about to be Enlightened to Apprentice 1. Even typing it know it seems strange to me…

i don’t get it.

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I’ve found I don’t have too many leeches from later level vocab, despite a lot of the words having much more abstract meanings. I’ve come to accept that 保存 will never get above master level and that I will be constantly beseeched by this hex of a word for all time.

Hahaha that’s my mnemonic as well :rofl:

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Before Wanikani I never would have thought that earnest wishes were so painful…

Start using your phone in Japanese so this will be ingrained by saving stuff :stuck_out_tongue:.


Well, I’m level 22 and stupid 八日 came up from level 2 today. I got it wrong. I also still haven’t 100% level 3 because I always think 中古 is “middle aged.” Haha. I know that’s wrong when it comes up, but nothing else will come to my brain when I stare at it after a month of not seeing it.

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I really struggle with the counting of days, people, things - especially the lower numbers. I don’t think the kun’yomi versions of numbers are introduced very well, almost as an aside; but you need them so often!