What's your reason for learning Japanese?

Welcome and yeah that’s a good reason for learning Japanese also learning othher languages is very good this days.

I want to watch sailor moon without subtitles

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I wanted to learn a language just for fun. Was thinking about Russian, but a couple of friends were studying Japanese and convinced me to try it out. I like the idea of learning a new writing system, and there’s also a lot of books/movies/shows I’d like to be able to read/watch in the original language.
(Also: wasn’t that much into anime when I was younger, but since I’ve started learning 日本語 I’ve gotten slightly obsessed with it and now it’s one of the reasons I wanna reach level 60 and go through all those genkis and tobiras)

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Haha that’s my goal to read one day too :sweat_smile:

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So my reason would be the following:

  1. I plan to travel to Japan many times in my life and i know i will have a much better time if i can talk to all of the people that live there
  2. It just seems amazing to me to learn another Language, like i am learning a secret code or something
  3. lots of anime, games, and stories dont make the jump from Japan and i would love to explore some of them.
  4. Kinda to just prove that I can.
  5. Also it would be fun to make friends who live in Japan. I already have quite a few international friends scattered across the globe.
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Just for fun! I like learning languages. I studied Spanish for years and I use it at work all the time now. I started studying Norwegian because I found it quite easy as an English speaker and they have a really good course on Duolingo for it. Japanese is fun too for different reasons, because it’s difficult, and I want to be able to understand the lyrics of my favorite Jrock bands and read Japanese books as they were originally written.


I’ve always liked japanese culture, but having to rely completely on translators has been quite a problem. Not only because stuff I want to understand hasn’t been translated yet, but also finding out how some translators decide to either censor or make changes to the content.
I don’t want to deal with those problems anymore, so I want to just get the original content in japanese.
Oh and of course I hope to travel to japan some day and what not.

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I love the culture, I want to watch anime without subtitles, reading manga, light novels and books in Japanese and to understand the lyrics of my favorite JRock bands.


My reason for learning Japanese is that I want to play the Yakuza series without English subtitles. Also, for the food. And the culture in general.


Read book.

Well, I already read book.

Now I want to read book fast.


Then go read a book in a shinkansen


Actually I like to learn Russian after Japanese because one of my friends

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I like to prove that I am able to learn many languages I actually know 4 and with Japanese it becomes 5.

Oh Welcome and tnx for replying

Yeah I’m sick of those bad translation too

When I was 16 I started going taking evening classes for Japanese, mainly because of anime. Of course, being a teenager, I quickly slacked behind and it made me feel kinda bad.

Now, 8 years later, it’s just a fun challenge for me and sort of a way to prove to myself that I can succeed if I put my mind to it. It’s also a fun distraction from law school! Also, I am very interested in Yoko Taro’s work and really want to read some of his original work.

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I have just started wanikani but have been studying Japanese for a little over a year.

I have a few reasons for why I wanted to learn it.

  1. I’ve always wanted to learn a second language and I thought about which language other than English I have the most exposure to, which is Japanese.

  2. I’m getting married in November and my future brother in law lives in Osaka with his Japanese wife. Have already visited them there but once covid is done I see is going there a lot so would like to be able to speak to them in Japanese.

  3. I’ve lived watching Anime for over 15 years now and would loved to be able to understand without subtitles.

  4. I’ve been practicing Judo for a few years now and there’s a lot of Japanese spoken in when practicing it in terms of names of throws and other such thing. My coach is also Japanese and a few people on my team so I can practice speaking with them which is good.

  5. I just live the culture, food and various different types of media coming out of Japan.

I’ve really been enjoying my Japanese language learning journey and wish I’d started on WaniKani sooner!


Oh welcome tnx for replying and it’s good to have friends from other countries.

I first started because I was interested in playing all the games I saw in Nintendo Power that weren’t getting ported as a kid.

Nowadays, it’s because I love the culture, the people, and the language itself.

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Good and something about culture I think Japanese people are the most polite people Idk why.