What's your favorite Kanji and WHY?


誠, 勝, and 慶 are my faves because they have great personal relevance to me. Also, they simply look beautiful. :yellow_heart:


I’ve always liked 電. First of all, it was a tricky one that I managed to memorize early on, so it was something I could be proud of at the time. I always remember it because it looks like a Lord Kelvin’s Thunderstorm, which is an electric generator device that actually uses two parallel streams of falling water to make sparks.


There’s a cafe in Melbourne called dekobuko


My favourite, purely because the first time I saw it was in the word こっかく (骨格) and I thought "that looks a lot like a skeleton! though maybe a Cyclops skeleton? Turns out I was right! Now I just ignore the mnemonic on WK and look out for my little skeleton buddy :slight_smile:


It was the first ‘complicated’ kanji I met while learning and my first thought was, well, that’s a mess and then I read it meant feeling and I was like, appropriate :laughing:

It’s definitely my favourite.






一 because it’s very easy

Then there’s this kanji, taito, with the most strokes of all, an 84 stroke monstrosity invented in Japan because screw the world that’s why.
Taito 1.svg|17x17