What's your favorite Kanji and WHY?


誠, 勝, and 慶 are my faves because they have great personal relevance to me. Also, they simply look beautiful. :yellow_heart:


I’ve always liked 電. First of all, it was a tricky one that I managed to memorize early on, so it was something I could be proud of at the time. I always remember it because it looks like a Lord Kelvin’s Thunderstorm, which is an electric generator device that actually uses two parallel streams of falling water to make sparks.


There’s a cafe in Melbourne called dekobuko


My favourite, purely because the first time I saw it was in the word こっかく (骨格) and I thought "that looks a lot like a skeleton! though maybe a Cyclops skeleton? Turns out I was right! Now I just ignore the mnemonic on WK and look out for my little skeleton buddy :slight_smile:


It was the first ‘complicated’ kanji I met while learning and my first thought was, well, that’s a mess and then I read it meant feeling and I was like, appropriate :laughing:

It’s definitely my favourite.






一 because it’s very easy

Then there’s this kanji, taito, with the most strokes of all, an 84 stroke monstrosity invented in Japan because screw the world that’s why.
Taito 1.svg|17x17


The character is made of たくさんの泉 :joy:


I kinda like the balance of a handwritten 氷 a lot. Also 不.
I also like 鬱.

And I’ll always find the くノ一 aspect of 女 hilarious.


I’m a big fan of 顔 and 題. I noticed tend to like them when they have separated components that still nestle together. Maybe some diagonal lines for a little spice. 前 and 歌 and 別. All great stuff. Maybe a little 感 or 域. MMM *chef kiss*


My favorite kanji is 冬 (fuyu: winter). Being that I live in a really snowy area, winter is always nostalgic for me. Seeing this Kanji reminds me of nights by the fireplace watching the snow fall!


I have a few so far.
淵 because it looks sick and deep water is cool
希 wish
芽 sprout
夢 dream


月 because moon, also I just like how it’s pronounced as well! It’s very pretty and simple!

Tsuki, makes me think of a deep indigo colored sky, with the full moon. Out in a grassy field, flowers and just pretty stuff. Everything is peaceful.

I also like 瞑想

It’s pronounced nicely and means something I like-

星 as well because I like stars a lot, and it looks pretty too!


I like it because it resembles rain! :stuck_out_tongue:


布 fu for futon 布団
寝 ne for sleep 寝る
温 on for onsen 温泉


Should be 愛. It has a heart 心 radical and winter 夂, should it mean something?


Not to be a party pooper, but…

The part in 冬 and 愛 that look like 夂 are actually not the same element, etymologically. They look the same now, which is why WK combines them into one radical here, but neither of them mean “winter” on their own.

In 愛, that element represents a foot. Some sources say it’s meaningless, some sources say it represents stopping, or dragging.

So, you might be able to see why WK sometimes doesn’t bother using the “real” meaning of the elements in the history of the kanji. It gets messy.


It’s a similar thing with 月 and 肉 isn’t it? Or something to that effect. Which is why some body parts (like 胸 and 脳) seem to have a 月 radical when really it’s a version of 肉.


Yeah, they look identical now in most kanji that use them, but as you said, they have separate origins. I followed a rabbit hole on this with 良, 根, and 退… all of which actually share no etymological origin. The fact that they have similar-looking elements is just coincidental.