What's your favorite Kanji and WHY?


I like 土 for the on’yomi reading; I remember it by saying “dirt” stupidly by pronouncing it as “dort” :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t, personally.


Here are a few of my favs 花 雪 降 前 習 音 空 羽


My favourite is 回, minimalistic, elegant


my favorite is 陽, I think is super beautiful and nice to write, it even has a cheerful meaning to it, besides, when put together with 陽気 it sounds super cute.

I like kanjis with a happy meaning.


I just like compactness and ridiculous amounts of straight lines. So far, I like a lot of kanji utilizing 雨 and 言. 電 雲 雪 語 記。(Hehe. It kind of gets difficult to see them in this text.) I also really like my name in katakana. ニコラス


Compactness you say?

Let me help with that.


Because the mnemonic I made for it is a shellfish on the beach flying a kite. So, whenever I see it now, I think of a little clam chilling on the beach with a kite string hanging out of it flying a giant kite.


because it was the first kanji i learned, to paint on the bottom panel of this kite i built for the Cherry Blossom Festival in DC:


This is very well done!





Same here :grin:


How about 永 ? It’s one of my favorites, it looks so elegant too.

I love 響 too because it’s kind of crazy and difficult to write, so I practiced it a lot. It doesn’t look so elegant though


When I saw people having fun spamming 草 in a chatroom I remembered of this thread ^^



It looks cool and its meaning is also awesome ^^


Toutetsu was a fun adventure to learn just now and is officially going in my Kanji Journal <3

Also I like 成 - formation ; and 系統的 - system + general + target = systematic


火花 is pretty, too. spark, ひばな


I like these. Some of these were introduced to me by other users in a separate thread.

極楽 extreme + comfort = paradise

絶望 extinction + hope = despair

面積 surface + accumulate = area

体積 body + accumulate = volume

鼻歌 nose + song = humming

足首 foot + neck = ankle

手首 hand + neck = wrist

兎馬 rabbit + horse = donkey

花火 flower + fire = fireworks

火花 fire + flower = spark

冗談 joke = superflous + conversation

金玉 gold + ball = testicles

四角 four + angle = square

光栄 and 栄光 = honor and glory

実験 truth + test = experiment


潟, because it looks cool. Very intellectual reason. I mean, “lagoon” is also a pretty cool word so maybe it fits.


has recently become my favouritest. It looks like a little happy bug going :D