What's "User Card Background" for?

Um, hello. My first time writing a post… HI!!!

So, I was messing around with my profile preferences, got to change my profile pic and profile background. But then I have to upload an image for “User Card Background”. I did, but I don’t see it pop up anywhere on my profile tabs… It bugs me more than I wanted to admit not knowing where it had gone to… maybe it has something to do with posting and as I didn’t post couldn’t see it? Maybe I’ll find out now? Dunno…助けて

Anyhow, I may be still level 5 but I’m really enjoying wanikani!! It may get slow or hard at times, but man you do feel satisfaction when you finally get it right!

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This! Click someone’s avatar or name and a “user card” pops up



Wow, I didn’t try that one. And I can see from yours that it can also be a gif :smiley: Thank you!!


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