Whats the point of 4 or so months no reviews before burning items?

I don’t get it, it seems way too long, im starting to get alot of things to burn now after so many months and I get 50% of them wrong lol.

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The point is that if you can’t remember them, they aren’t locked into your memory, so now that you’ve failed them, you will see them more frequently and so can have another chance to fully learn them.

Are you able to read native material yet? Joining a book club helped cement a lot of vocab and grammar for me, and it’s a way to keep bumping into items you may not otherwise see for long stretches.


You’re looking at it the wrong way. Isn’t it amazing that after several months you can get 50% of them right? :wink:


I see this at an advantage really. If you are failed them it means you cement them better next time in your memory.


That is exactly the point of it :wink:
Those you failed wasn’t properly stored in your long time memory.
You need a LOONG time to check that =)
Those you did burn are more likely to be remembered for years to come (granted you are more likely to remember them if you continue encountering them through reading native material)


But still, it takes like 4 months, thats crazy, so if you fail you need to hit them a few more times and then wait again for 4 months and maybe ul fail again, so again 4 months, da fk?? and there are like almost 10.000 kanji and vocabs to learn, mathematically speaking it doesn’t make sense, ur bound to get so much stuff piled up that you will have 500 reviews daily at least.

If you fail THAT much you are going too fast :wink:

If you push very hard, go full speed, and fail about average you can hit 400 days, but only one here and there until the fast levels (3.5 day levels)
If you full speed the fast levels near the end, the yes, you can hit 500 a day. it is not recommended. Personally I will not go full speed on the last trek.

Honestly, it is not about speed, it is about recollection. It is much more important to actually learn it than burn it fast. The 4 months they spend in Enlightened they aren’t in the way. If you fail too many on return it might be time to take a breather and focus on active items instead of leveling up full speed.


Lets flip this on its head then.
Whats the point in having a shorter burn time if its all forgotten afterwards ? (to be fair you won’t remember stuff from WK anyway unless its reinforced by exposure, so the only way to win is… exposure)

And no, there is no way you will end up with 500 reviews a day, as around ½ or more of your active items will be in the enlightened stage anyway waiting for its burn review.
If you get that many daily reviews you seriously messed up your pacing or did something really wrong that broke the system. (honestly 500 sounds extreme even for full speed on fast levels)


I always use the reorder, and if too many are in at once I give myself smaller goals like “levels 1-20 first, take a small break, then next chunk”. Smaller chunks are so much easier to keep motivated for =)
Did 200 reviews today, which is a fairly normal amount for me.
I did a chunk, level of Hyrule Warriors, another chunk, level, chunk! :wink:

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