What's the most you have burned in 30 days?

I’ve been off and on for wanikani for a long time so I get huge piles into my enlightened level. I’m plowing through reviews this month. I have over 300 burns in the last 30 days.

Any one else have a similar experience?

I’m not excited for the random waves of 100-300+ reviews coming back in the coming weeks. I’ve been spreading them out by only doing around 100 reviews a day so that I don’t get huge waves later.

In real life, a house

On here, around 300. That number should go up now that my max speed enlightens are coming back.


Probably 500? :thinking: I don’t know. I started burning 1 month and 20 days ago and I’m reaching 1000 items burned.

How’s your accuracy going? Have you been actively using WK since 2012 or have you quit several times?

Wait did you actually?

I think around 500 should be about what I have burned as well. Apart from the first few levels, nearly every level has about 130-170 items. Times that by four (given a 7 day level up schedule) and that goes to about 520-680.

I believe thats the beauty of my character. I may be being shy and not telling you that I actually started a fire in the woods behind my house when I went there to go smoke and it took 2 days to completely put out the fire. Or, I could be joking about the house thing. Or maybe it was instead an apartment.

I like leaving things up to other people’s imagination. Or maybe I don’t and I’m actually telling the truth.


Um, yeah? Do you not burn down houses where you live?


Insurance money $$$$

He burned it. He burned it and it is ashes.

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Not particularly great, but really depends on the word. I had about 1200 stocked up. Burned about 300+ of them, remember about a third of the rest.

I’ve come and gone a few times. I have like 2700 burned which is kind of a side effect of taking my sweet sweet time on here. Pretty sure that’s not typical for my level?

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Well, yeah. They don’t call them “Vanilla” for nothing… Get it?

Yeah me either.

Yeah, I’m anything but Vanilla.

Seeing as how I’m level 27 (I just started though, so I’mma say level 26) and only have 2k burns, probably :stuck_out_tongue:
Also, IDK if you just didn’t want to give out your exact accuracy, but go to wkstats to see a bunch of useful info, including your meaning and reading accuracy.

I have yet to Burn any items…
So 0 in 30 days is my record.
I am thinking it will be a tough record to break; however, I think I can do it.

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Just be patient. By the time you get to level 10, like me, you’ll have 0 items burned.


To burn a item takes at least 6 months.

Good, I am on the right path then. I can’t wait till I get to level 60 and have 0 Burned items.

oh, well session accuracy lately has been poo poo. 45-80% usually.

But looking at my overall accuracy it seems pretty decent.

I don’t usually keep track, but I found a picture from 16 days ago where I had 6987 burns, now I have 7241 burns, which is 254 burns/16 days. Assuming I burn around the same amount of items a day, thats about 476 burns in 30 days.

Wow, that’s awesome! Once you get to the higher levels I suppose you should be burning stuff constantly if you’re consistent.