What's the last English word you learned thanks to WK

My recent acquisitions:
thwart, monkey see monkey do, thickheadedness, blunt, goosebumps

I’m still not really sure what “detain” means. It’s the 留 in 留守 :joy:

I had no idea what a Yurt was

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I just looked up wick, and to my big surprise it means exactly the same as Wick in Luxembourgish (but there it is pronounced “Vick”)!


I know, but a gracht surrounding a castle or a keep, for instance, is called a moat in English, which I never knew. I discovered that word through the mnemonic of 元.

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Dwelling. FFS, I’ve been studying English for 15 years, since I was 6 and I’ve never heard that word before.

Never heard of the word contraption.

I cheated on that Kanji, because I could not remember the English word :D:D:D

Whenever it came up, I just thought “eh yeah, that weird thing”

canopy :smiley:


Oh, I just learned the kanji for canopy today, 幌 (not taught on WaniKani). It’s also the second kanji in 札幌 (Sapporo), but those kanji are just ateji.