What's the last English word you learned thanks to WK


No, seriously. That might be true. I’m out of sync but it’s ok, right? I don’t complain that much… do I?
If you’re the one in your avatar you look young so we might be around the same age, you’re not old. Besides I like you because México <3

yeah, i mean i ended looking up those guys, my concern was always why on earth using such characters… they both are mainly know for their disgusting behaviour (well at least for me it’s disgusting) so it’s as you say, oh boy look another kanji that reminds me of a thrusting crotch, yay.

I believe this is the third time I complain about this specific issue. I won’t anymore… it’s worn out, let it go… let it go


Yes, it was just about the English meaning. I thought maybe it was those kind of idiom that are a bit hard to guess for non-english speaker (stuff like “beat around the bush”, “bite the bullet” etc), but it’s just baseball after all. I guess I finally reached the fabled baseball wanikani levels madness :grimacing:

Got it ! “return safely alive” is the primary, historical meaning and nowadays it’s also used for baseball. Thanks Leebo.






The native, original, disgusting-looking Pacific Northwest clam!

Since I live in Seattle and eat at Japanese restaurants, I eat geoduck a few times a year. As usually prepared, it tastes just like the Puget Sound smells, which isn’t too bad for me, but isn’t so great for most people.

At the nicest of nicest places, I’d had gourmet chefs prepare it in such a manner that it’s delectably splendiferous, but that’s pretty rare.

For fun, look up a picture of one on Google, or don’t.


Wisteria 藤
it seems i’m not alone!


Is there an anime with wisteria in the title? It sounds familiar :thinking:


there’s "ゼン・ウィスタリア” zen wistaria, but that’s spelled differently


begets :thinking:


“Constipation”. At first I confused it with “conspiration” :sweat_smile:


Well, I don’t know about anime, but an alleyway between Magnolia Crescent and Wisteria Walk is the place where Harry Potter and his cousin were attacked by dementors in the Harry Potter and the Order of the Poenix book…


i think i’ve only heard begets in phrases like ‘evil begets evil’ / ‘violence begets violence’
i really don’t think i’ve heard it outside these types of things…


dew :kissing_smiling_eyes::kissing_smiling_eyes::kissing_smiling_eyes::kissing_smiling_eyes:


“Tidal hour”
…But I can’t figure out the meaning.
Is it about the timetables showing low tides and tides at beach or harbor ? Or figuratively some kind of pivotal moment / climax ?


The English counterpart for 潮時 is kind of just a literal translation that isn’t used in English, as far as I’m aware. And it doesn’t have the figurative meaning that the Japanese word has.


そうか… :sweat_smile:
Thanks !
So the Japanese root meaning come from talking about favorable tides which are good time to set sail, right ? Now used figuratively to talk about a right moment / favorable moment / good opportunity, this kind of stuff ?


Yes, according to this, the figurative meaning just comes from the fact that knowing the timing of the tides was very important, whether you are leaving to fish (high tide) or gathering shellfish (low tide).

That article also has plenty of tips on how to use it correctly and examples of incorrect usages.


What a cool article ! Thanks !



tte nani ?



They’re pretty


Y-you’re pretty!