What's the difference between 崩し字 and 草書体?

Both 崩し字 and 草書体 can be translated as “cursive”, and I am wondering what the difference between them is. Also, can Japanese people read them?
PS: In case neither of these are relevant things, does current day Japanese have cursive that people read normally? What does it look like and what is it called? (I assume the 真 I have in my avatar is not cursive? it looks more squiggly than normal)

【くずし字】 と 【草書】 はどう違いますか? | HiNative They are the same. The second one is called “grass style” in english, though it’s not quite the same as for example English cursive, it’s more focused on making each character less strokes, by heavily joining them together.


Your avatar (from Gintama, if google lens isn’t mistaken) is just therefore just a font, not exactly cursive


Also, this