Whats better?

Hi guys!

Gotta ask something, I’ve been in some type of trouble, lately, I have been trying to finish level 2 (I’m level 3) but I want to guru all level 2 and master some of the level 1, It is a good idea to mastering almost all level one and guru all level 3 and then start with the radicals of level 3?

Also, I bought Genki 1 (W/ workbook), I read somewhere about start doing Genki at level 5, I want to know if this is recommendable?

Thanks !!

I think it is a better idea to continue learning. In my (short) experience, if I waited for them to level up cleanly it would slow me down.

Allow the SRS to do its job while you progress and continue, would be my advice.

When you are further in, I think you’ll find your items from each level will be mixed - there will be kanji or vocab that just don’t stick as well as others and they will level down, and you will need to review them more than the others.

This is fine. :slight_smile: This is the idea of the SRS, it will pester you moreso with the things you are struggling with.


In the first few levels you won’t have that many reviews so I think it would be good to keep doing lessons.

Once you get more lessons completed I would try to find an amount of reviews that you are comfortable with doing without being overwhelmed and burnt out. I’ve seen a lot of people limit their apprentice amount to 150 or below, this keeps you on a fairly fast pace without being too much.

If you don’t have quite as much time for wanikani in a day maybe limit it to 50, 75 or 100 or whatever feels good to you. It’s forming a habit so you need to make sure you do enough to not be bored and not too much to get burnt out.
Good luck!


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