What would be the best way to write my name in katakana?

I’m asking mainly because my name has an accent (Lívian) and all names I’m learning about are english, who don’t have those.
I was thinking リービアン would be the best bet, but I wanted to ask here just in case! Sorry if this is the wrong topic


I imagine that since “í” is more like /iː/ in an IPA transcription, your transcription to Katakana sounds great. And if you were to speak with that elongation as well, others should catch on too!

A note that “v” can also be transcripted like “ヴィ” as well, and may sometimes be the preferred spelling as well (such as Vivaldi being ヴィヴァルディ). But it’s not like ビ is wrong either.


thank you so much! リーヴィアン it is.

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