What was your reason for resetting?

I want to specifically address this question to people who have reached level 60 and decided to reset to level 1. Why did you bother? Surely there is nothing to be gained that couldn’t be accomplished better through regular reading practice?

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That’s not true. For example, WK teaches kanji of many expressions that are usually written in kana. So even if you remember the vocab you eventually forget the kanji. Same thing with rarely used kanji. You need to be reading lots of varied texts to retain those.

I stopped doing reviews about 3 months ago after reaching lvl 60 and noticed that I’ve forgotten so much already, despite regularly reading Japanese content (not a ton but almost every day). Some kanji I remember only as parts of certain words and forget their individual meanings.

I think it would makes sense for me to reset (not to 1 but perhaps to lvl 30) and reinforce the kanji again.

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Ah, I see. Nevertheless, wouldn’t it be more valuable to do a review that encompasses all the kanji from level 30-60 once in a while? Elsewise you will surely still be forgetting the kanji at the higher levels whilst you work your way back up??

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Yeah… imagine how many reviews that’d be. It makes sense to take it slowly level by level.

WK enables you to do a more targeted kanji practice. While regular reading practice helps a lot, there simply is no guarantee that you will see certain kanji.

Also, in WK, you’re able to easily see and compare similar kanji, view the stroke order, check the pitch accent of words, and other things that take a lot of time to look up and distract from reading.

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While you could spend the time to set that up, it makes more sense to me to let WK do all the heavy lifting. Especially if you have a lifetime subscription.

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