What triggers new lessons?

I’m wondering what triggers new lessons to be provided. I’ve been on level 4 for 16 days running and it’s just not giving me new lessons and I’m not sure why. I’m passing review items at high percentile of success (90+) but new lessons simply aren’t showing up. Any suggestions?

When a radical or kanji goes from Apprentice level to Guru level, it will unlock associated items. Obviously a high correct answer percentage will help move thing along, but it’s the number of correct answers for that item that matters.

It’s possible that you got into a situation where you Guru’d most of your level 4 kanji, but keep getting a few wrong, which is preventing you from leveling up and getting new items.

You level up when 90% of a level’s kanji are at Guru.

You should be able to look at your remaining Apprentice kanji on the dashboard and see the situation.


This reminds me…
One thing I wanted to add to the stats site is a tab that tells you what you still need to do to level up.


Thank you for the explanation. It makes sense… it’s just frustrating that this is leaving me with a distinct lack of content to focus on. I’m filling the time with other learning resources, but I don’t want to deviate too much either.

The fastest speed you can go per normal level is 6 days and 20 hours, so something is up. Check if you have any radical/kanji stopping you from getting that 90% and leveling up.

The good news is that level 5 is usually the first big shock for new users in terms of content :slight_smile:

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What do you mean with that?

A lot of new users say that level 5 was the first time they struggled with their reviews.

Thanks, I was wondering that too!

I’m definitely struggling with the slow trickle of reviews right now, and I think I have just a couple of annoying easy kanji that are holding me back. I’m still a WaniKani baby though, so I’m just being patient and knocking off the odd 1-8 reviews that pop up for me during the day.

That level 5 floodgate (when I eventually get there!) should be an interesting change of pace…


I am certain you have already read this but focus on your vocabulary as much as possible as this is where the BULK of your content will come from

Leveling up sounds exciting, but it means nothing if you dont know the prior content because eventually you will get lots in reviews.

I had to reset my account from lv19 to 1 because of this.

Overall, enjoy the simplicity as it is. It will eventually come.

Well, in your case it may be that you’re ready to level up but you haven’t subscribed yet. The first three levels are the only free ones. Just something to keep in mind!

I’m just here for positive support. You can do it!

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