What to do about audio

I’m in level 33 right now and only recently found out about the audio option, and only today found out you can make the audio play automatically. I feel upset like I’m not making the most of wanikani as a Japanese language learner having made it this far without using the audio but I can’t go back and start over using it, and it feels pointless to just start using it this far into it. What should I do? Is it really a big deal?


I think it would still be beneficial to start using the audio now. You may be level 33, but I’m sure there are still plenty of unburned items from earlier levels where you’ll get to hear the audio. Every little bit helps. :slight_smile:

It is sucky to unknowingly miss out on a feature, but it’s not like this is your only chance to hear those words spoken. If you do any listening practice or watch any shows in Japanese, you’ll get to hear them plenty more times.


Listening is definitely beneficial, even if you start now. I can’t always use it, since I’m often doing reviews on my work computer which doesn’t have sound. However, when I’m on my laptop or my phone, I listen to the readings for all new vocab lessons and for any that I get wrong as a way of reinforcing the correct reading. Figure you’ve still got almost half the levels left, plus all the vocab you haven’t burned yet. Plenty of opportunities to reinforce what you’re learning! :slight_smile:


I didn’t use it until all these audio updates started coming out… so like level 40 for me.
I wouldn’t worry about it! The sound is just there to help you remember it. If you’ve been able to get this far without it, then good for you.
Most words are pronounced true to their hiragana, and if they aren’t then context will save you 90% of the time. You’ll find out pretty quick if you are saying something wrong. Like that one time I was at the hardware store attempting to buy persimmon and a fence but ended up with an oyster. (That never happened)

I recently started playing the audio during reviews and noticed it actually slows me down. When I hear the audio from the previous review but am already reading the next one it kinda messes up my train of thought. I might even turn it off again!


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